Dirndlmoschee [Dirndl Dress Mosque]

Wearable device, 12 photographs, video (2005) Commissioned by the ORTung/Cultural Department of Salzburg Government, AT Dirndlmoschee is the second project in wearable mosque series (see Nomadic Mosque project description below). The concept is based on assimilating cultural characteristics of a place into one’s own context. The Dirndl, a traditional Austrian dress, is still worn as […]

Survival Mosque

10 photomontages (2005) Survival Mosque addresses the politics of visibility of Muslim minority groups living in the contemporary USA. The survival kit contains elements for self-protection such as the American-flag façade that communicates patriotism, gas-mask, nose filters, and an umbrella for protecting one’s back. The mosque is self-sufficient; the prayer rug supplies its own energy […]

Nomadic Mosque

Wearable device, 12 photographs, video (2005) Nomadic Mosque explores various ways of negotiating spatial relationships between Islamic traditions and modernity in the United States and Western Europe by creating wearable mosques, clothing that can be transformed into prayer rugs. While respecting religious restrictions, Nomadic Mosque aims to redefine traditional forms and functions of mosques in […]