Co-creation project, kissing mask design and multilingual instructions (2020) Co-MASK is a global collaborative project aimed at creating DIY fabric masks that promote hope, humanity, and hygiene practices in time of crisis. The Co-MASK is being developed by a global network of individuals who collaborate across borders to address a shared concern: to raise awareness […]

Sanctuary Looms

Exhibition design, immersive installation (2020)Commissioned by the Aga Khan Museum Toronto, with MIT Future Heritage Lab This immersive installation was developed for the “Sanctuary” exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum Toronto. The exhibition explores the notion of the safe haven, featuring 36 carpets created by notable international artists, including Mona Hatoum and Brendan Fernandes. Our […]

Process Drawing

Digital drawing, print on recycled paper (2020)Commissioned by the Aga Khan Museum Toronto, with Future Heritage Lab This drawing explores the world through the lens of a cotton T-shirt, depicting three parallel narratives. The first story (green) traces the environmental footprint of T-shirts through the resources and the pollution that are part of its manufacturing […]