Unity. Textile Muqarnas

Installation (2012) Commissioned by the Architectural Forum Upper-Austria (afo), Linz, AT Co-authored with Joel Lamere Unity Textile Muqarnas is a textile structure based on Islamic muqarnas, stalactite-like decorative three-dimensional elements found in Islamic monuments. The structure is hung from the neo-Gothic archway of the exhibition’s entrance. The modular structure of the muqarnas has been transformed […]

Cultural Transfers

Installation (2012) Commissioned by Onomatopee, Eindhoven, NL This project gathers together a collection of anti-Muslim signs used by Islamophobic groups in Western Europe and appropriates them to create a multicultural response. The design of the signs evokes the system of isotypes used on public roads and transport systems. Against the essentialist grain of the isotype, […]


Mihrab installation, carpets, permanent structure (2012) Commissioned by the Municipality of Altach, AT The Shingle Mihrab (Prayer Space at the Islamic Cemetery, Altach) project includes the Qibla wall and carpets in the prayer space of the Islamic Cemetery Altach in Austria. The project symbolically connects different cultures in Vorarlberg through the combination of local materials […]

Digesting Dayton

Participatory project, photography, food (2012/17) This interactive installation in the form of a buffet was part of a series events involving Bosnian communities, first in Boston, then later in Ljubljana. All attendees were invited to participate. A map of Bosnia-Herzegovina was sewn onto the tablecloth. The food was arranged along the internal political borders of […]